pSURF-2, a modified BAC vector for selective YAC cloning and functional analysis.

Boyd AC, Davidson H, Stevenson B, McLachlan G, Davidson-Smith H, Porteous DJ


Biotechniques. 1999 Jul;27(1):164-70, 172, 175.

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A modified bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) vector, pSURF-2, adapted for the selective subcloning of yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) sequences was constructed. DH10B-U, a pyrF derivative of the highly transformable E. coli strain DH10B was also constructed and used for the detection of Ura+ recombinants carrying DNA linked to YAC right arms. The vector's properties were illustrated in two main ways. (i) An intact 25-kb YAC containing a mouse tyrosinase minigene was cloned into pSURF-2. Appropriately spliced tyrosinase RNA was detected by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR in extracts of cells transiently lipofected with the cloned YAC. (ii) Cells expressing human cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) from an integrated pSURF-2 recombinant containing a cDNA expression cassette were selected using the hygromycin-resistance (HyTK) marker of the vector and characterized by RT-PCR and immunoprecipitation. The unique I-SceI site and HyTK marker of pSURF-2 are designed to facilitate subsequent functional studies of cloned DNA.

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