HIV-1 Tat protein transduction domain peptide facilitates gene transfer in combination with cationic liposomes.

Hyndman L, Lemoine JL, Huang L, Porteous DJ, Boyd AC, Nan X

Journal Of Controlled Release : Official Journal Of The Controlled Release Society

J Control Release. 2004 Oct 19;99(3):435-44.

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The protein transduction domain (PTD) of the HIV-1 Tat protein can facilitate the cellular and nuclear uptake of macromolecular particles. Here, we demonstrate that incorporation without covalent linkage of a 17-amino acid PTD peptide into gene delivery lipoplexes improves gene transfer. Tat/Liposome/DNA (TLD) transfection, as evaluated by Fluorescence Activated Cell Scan analysis of a Green Fluorescence Protein expression plasmid, enabled transfection of highly recalcitrant primary cells in the form of air/liquid interface cultures of sheep tracheal epithelium. Treatment with chloroquine increased, and incubation at low temperature decreased, TLD transfection, suggesting that the endocytosis uptake pathway is involved.

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